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Welcome to [Alternate Route]! Although, we are not just where we are, but where we are going and have been. (But nonetheless, welcome.) As an introduction, we are a web/print hybrid literary arts zine (journal) for the modern beatnik, for those who choose to take the road less traveled by. We hope to be a gutsy yet kind voice in the literary/art world(s) and look forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

We are now open for submissions for the Fall 2023 issue. Please see our guidelines for how to submit.

Note that we are receiving a high number of submissions and have opted not to hand-write acknowledgement-of-receipt emails to each author/artist interested in the journal. Be rest assured that we are reading all submissions and will get back to you if you are accepted for Issue 11. For now, rejection will stand as a lack of response past November 30. Thank you for understanding.

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Issue 1 Winter 2021 No paperback .EPUB
Issue 2 Spring 2021 No paperback .EPUB
Issue 3 Summer 2021 No paperback .EPUB
Issue 4 Fall 2021 Paperback now available .EPUB
Issues 5 Winter 2022 Paperback available .EPUB .MOBI
Issue 6 Spring 2022 Paperback available .EPUB
Issue 7 Summer 2022 Paperback available .EPUB .MOBI
Issue 8 Fall 2022 Paperback available No .EPUB No .MOBI
Issue 9 Spring 2023 Paperback No .EPUB No .MOBI
Issue 10 Summer 2023 Paperback available No .EPUB No .MOBI

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