About the Editor

Michael Starr, the founder & editor of [Alternate Route]. Michael Starr is the eldest son of Russian-Ukrainian parents and a zero'th-gen U.S. citizen who has lived in California his whole life. He has been writing poetry on-and-off since high school in 2004 where he was the editor of the school's literary magazine, Catharsis, and is published in the likes of Aberration Labyrinth, Lipstick Party, Anapest, Junto Magazine, and BlazeVOX. In his money-pertinent life he is a web developer and doesn't play tennis.

Former founding co-editors include B, RedBear, and CJ Delous. B can be found at his Wordpress blog, Pretty Words For Ugly Thoughts, CJ can be found at their Instagram or Wordpress Blog, and RedBear (a.k.a. RedBearSky) works in garden/landscape. DrunkLotus provided founding art and can be found at her blog.

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